FindOrion Photography

FindOrion Photography

The Basics:

Birthday: September 9, 1997

City of Origin: Born in Staten Island, raised in NJ

Hair Color: Red (Yes, it's real. Also, don't ask that question, it is RUDE.)

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'0" (tiny, firecracker sized)

Favorite Color: They all have their time and place. (...but purple probably)

Favorite Holiday: HALLOWEEN

Favorite Movie: Tied! (They're too different to choose)- Nightmare Before Christmas and Almost Famous

Favorite Season: Fall (before it was cool)

First Solid Food: Pickle

Hobbies: Well, I have a habit of making hobbies my job soooo... cooking, I guess.

Relationship Status: Taken since July 5, 2013 by my partner in crime. 


Cats or Dogs: Proud cat mom.

Best Advice: Drink more water.


Allison LaRochelle always struggled with communication and connecting with her peers when she was younger. A very quiet, reserved girl, she still loved going around the house singing. At 7-years old, when she performed on stage for the first time, she felt she finally understood how to connect with others and how important it was. Bruce Gallipani, of the Rockit Live Foundation, recognized this passion in her and so she began her Rockit journey as part of the first group of children and young adults to participate in the program. She is the only student to have been in the first session and never missed a single one all the way up until her graduation 9 years later in 2015. It was here she fostered her love for rock, blues, soul, and everything vintage in between. Her main influences include Janis Joplin, Shemekia Copeland, Susan Tedeschi and Joss Stone, though many artists have shaped her over the years. LaRochelle was also educated as a vocal major at Red Bank Regional High School and is a 2018 graduate of Berklee College of Music, where she completed her degree summa cum laude in Contemporary Writing and Production. She accomplished this degree in 3 years at the ripe age of 20-years-old. Music gave LaRochelle a voice, and she hopes her music helps others to find theirs.


LaRochelle came to yoga looking for answers, and over the course of her journey has received only one- no one is owed any. She came to yoga in 2014 full of anxiety and heartbreak, and yoga did not take away the pain or give her a means of escaping, but instead allowed her to sit- to abide- in all she was feeling. This helped her eradicate her fear of an unknown future. LaRochelle developed a passion for yoga and connected with the practice very similarly to how she connected with her musical practice. She loved the healing, rhythm, intimacy with one's self, the new medium of self expression, and the overall hope to harmonize the inner-self with all that is. In 2018, LaRochelle was able to participate in Bodhi Yoga Academy's Tinton Falls, NJ 200hr yoga teacher training program with Samantha Vetrano, Irene Pappas, Tess McDaniel, and guest teacher, Eleonora Zampatti. As a result of completing this program, Allison LaRochelle is a CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) 200. This training gave LaRochelle an in-depth education on safe asana (yoga posture) practices, yoga history, and yoga philosophy. She is passionate about sharing and incorporating all 8 limbs of yoga into her classes in order for her students to understand what yoga is all about and to honor the culture in which yoga comes from. Allison recognizes yoga as a lifelong practice and plans to pursue more training and education always. Forever a student!